Birth of a Child FAQ


 Birth of a child to a policyholder creates an eligiblity event that allows the member has the month the child was born and the two following calendar months to add coverage for the child.  If the child is not added to the insurance during the intiail enrollment period, the child cannot be added until open enrollment or until another quailifying event occurs.
To add a child to your health insurance, you can:
1. Visit your Benefits Coordinator and fill out a Change in Status Form.  You will need a copy of the birth certificate as documentation.
2. Log into your Manage My Benefits account. 
  •  From the Menu screen choose Add a Dependent.   
  •  Enter the child's demographic information into the system.   
  •  Answer if they have insurance other than PEIA.  If you want to chose a Primary Care Physician for the dependent, it can be done here.  
  •  Choose finalize.  
  •  The next screen will have the child's name; click next.  
  •  From this screen choose Health Insurance for the dependent or Life Insurance.
  •  Choose birth of a child  as the quilifying event and enter the child's date of birth with backslashes.  Click continue.
  •  The next screen  shows the plan.  Click continue and mark a yes by the dependents name.
  • On the next screen finalize.
  •  From the main menu, you will see a grey box that says Upload Required Documentation.  Click it.
  •  The type of file is Birth Certificate.  Choose the child's name.  Browse to the file with the Birth Certificate and then click upload at the bottom of the page.
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