About Go365

​We are excited to introduce our new Healthy Tomorrows wellness platform for PPB Policyholders, Go365®, which is now available for you to play, learn, and earn points. 
Check out this video for an overview of the program and begin living a healthier, happier life now – for you and the people you care about. 

Below are a few things you’ll want to get started:

 • Go365 is web-based – you will access Go365 by creating a username and password on Go365.com and can track progress on a computer, tablet or smartphone that is Internet- capable. You can use either your social security number OR the first 9 digits of the personalized Go365 ID number that you should have received in the mail from Go365. 
  • Go365 has a free app – If you’re an Android or iPhone user, you can download the Go365 App in the Apple or Google Play Stores and sign in with the same username and password you created for Go365.com
Go365 is secure – The online and App experiences are an extension of the secure Humana.com website and are HIPAA compliant. Your personal information is shared and  protected as outlined in their Notice of Privacy Practices.  

We mentioned previously that Go365 will reward you for engaging in your health. How exactly does it reward you?

First, eligible healthy activities earn you Points. These Points convert into Go365 Bucks for you to spend at the Go365 Mall for items such as gift cards to Target, Lowe’s and Amazon.com, movie tickets, Fitbit or Garmin devices, and much more.
You will also have access to exclusive Go365 member discounts on items such as LifeFitness equipment, select nation-wide race events, and Sprint.
Now that we know Go365 rewards us Go365 Bucks for each Point we earn, let’s check out some of the eligible activities that will earn you Points. Please note that any prize redeemed will be counted as taxable income and must be reported on the policyholder's federal income tax.

There are three ways you can get started in Go365 with great Points potential:

Complete at least one section of the Health Assessment (HA) online or on the Go365 App
Earn 500 Points when you complete the full HA, 250 bonus Points for completing the full HA within 90 days of January 1, 2018, and 500 bonus Points for the first time you ever complete the full HA in your lifetime! Points potential: 1,250

Get a biometric screening
Earn 2,000 Points when you get the following measurements: BMI, blood glucose, total cholesterol and blood pressure at your physician’s office. If any of those results are in a healthy range, you will also get bonus Points. Points potential: 4,000

Log a verified workout
Earn 750 Points for the first verified workout of our program year, and 500 bonus Points for the first time you ever log a verified workout in your lifetime. Points potential: 1,250

There are many more activities that will earn you Points that ultimately increase your Status and Bucks total, such as preventive exams and First Aid certification. Check out the Standard Points Flyer for the full listing of eligible activities and corresponding Points values. Keep in mind that you can complete or earn Points for eligible activities since the platform launch on January 1. You just need to log onto either the website Go365.com or download the Go365 app on your smartphone. You will need to use either your social security number or the first 9 digits of the Go365 ID number you received in the mail.