Healthy Tomorrows

The PEIA Finance Board voted to implement the Healthy Tomorrows initiative for active employees and non-Medicare retirees in the PEIA PPB Plans. 

PEIA is investing in prevention for the sake of the policyholders and the PEIA plan.  When faced with the rising cost of healthcare and a population that is living longer, PEIA wants to promote healthier living, healthier lifestyles and policyholders that are aware of health concerns in their own bodies.
PEIA members were encouraged to choose a doctor to build a working relationship with in year one of the Healthy Tomorrows Program.  

Annual checkup and general Lipid Panels are provided without charge to PEIA policyholder once every plan year.   

1.  Policyholders must designate a primary care physician (PCP) .
If you are enrolled in the Comprehensive Care Partnership program, you have already named a primary care physician and do not have to take any additional steps to meet this requirement.

Click here for a searchable online directory of PCPs and CCPs.

Click here for a Provider Directory in .PDF format.

Pick a PCP Form  

2.  Policyholders must see their primary care physician after reporting their doctor’s name to PEIA. Your primary care physician must test your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and waist circumference and report it to PEIA on the Healthy Tomorrows Reporting Form before the end of Open Enrollment. The blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol must be within an acceptable range or have a physician’s certification that those numbers cannot be met.

Healthy Tomorrows acceptable ranges
Healthy Tomorrows Reporting Form (Plan Year 2019)

In Plan Year 2019, if you do not comply with the initiative, you will face a premium increase on your PEIA PPB plan.

NOTE: PEIA covers one annual physical per plan year for members at no cost. Bring the Adult Annual Physical and Screening Examination Form to your doctor.

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