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Healthy Tomorrows

Important information for PPB Plan Policyholders

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For the Current Plan Year (Plan Year 2018):
PPB Plan policyholders who met the Healthy Tomorrows requirements for the current plan year (biometric screening with results in range reported before the end of open enrollment in 2017) will receive a PASS and will not have to complete biometric screenings before the end of next open enrollment (May 15, 2018).
Policyholders who did not meet the Healthy Tomorrows requirements for this plan year still have to meet the requirements by May 15, 2018: Bloodwork done between April 2, 2017, and May 15, 2018, with values in the acceptable range or a Doctor’s certification that the numbers can’t be met for a medical reason. The penalty for not meeting these requirements will be the same as in previous years, $500 added to your medical deductible for Plan Year 2019.
PEIA has terminated its contract with Humana Go365 effective April 30, 2018.  While we are fully supportive of the program, and of the Go365 staff, a couple of issues have made this decision the only sensible choice. View more information about this decision.

Annual checkup and general Lipid Panels are provided without charge to PEIA policyholder once every plan year.   


1.  Policyholders must designate a primary care physician (PCP) .
If you are enrolled in the Comprehensive Care Partnership program, you have already named a primary care physician and do not have to take any additional steps to meet this requirement.
Click here for a searchable online directory of PCPs and CCPs.
Click here for a Provider Directory in .PDF format.
2.  Policyholders must see their primary care physician after reporting their doctor’s name to PEIA. Your primary care physician must test your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and waist circumference and report it to PEIA on the Healthy Tomorrows Reporting Form before the end of Open Enrollment. The blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol must be within an acceptable range or have a physician’s certification that those numbers cannot be met.
NOTE: PEIA covers one annual physical per plan year for members at no cost. Bring the Adult Annual Physical and Screening Examination Form to your doctor.

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