Healthy Tomorrows

The PEIA Finance Board voted to implement the Healthy Tomorrows initiative for active employees and non-Medicare retirees in the PEIA PPB Plans. 

PEIA is investing in prevention for the sake of the policyholders and the PEIA plan.  When faced with the rising cost of healthcare and a population that is living longer, PEIA wants to promote healthier living, healthier lifestyles and policyholders that are aware of health concerns in their own bodies.
PEIA members were encouraged to choose a doctor to build a working relationship with in year one of the Healthy Tomorrows Program.  

The next phase of the program begins January 1, 2018 when members of PPB PEIA plans are encouraged to sign up with or the app on their Android or iPhone.  From January 1, 2018 - June 3,2018, members are encouraged to join and explore the program and earn bucks towards gifts and discounts.

Beginning July 1, 2018, PEIA PPB members and Non-Medicare retirees will begin earning points towards the goal of 3,000 points during the first year.

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