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Wellness Programs for 2020

PEIA offers many different Wellness Tools and Programs to help our members improve their overall health. In addition to our core wellness programs, PEIA is opening enrollment for two online wellness programs for the 2020 calendar year. This opportunity is for eligible policyholders only and will require the policyholder to enroll through Manage My Benefits. Please thoroughly review the options below to find the program that best suits your needs - policyholders will not be allowed to switch programs once they enroll. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Naturally Slim

PEIA is giving you an opportunity to lose weight – at no cost to you – a program called Naturally Slim®. The core program lasts 10 weeks, however, members will have access to support and training for a full year. The program is delivered online to your smartphone or computer and doesn’t include starving, counting calories or spending hours prepping ‘approved’ foods. Instead, it will teach you how to eat your favorite foods while losing weight, looking and feeling better and reducing your risk for major health conditions, like diabetes or heart disease.
Requirements: Must be enrolled in a PEIA PPB Plan and must have a BMI of 25 or higher. This program is open to policyholders only. Policyholders who have previously enrolled in the previous Naturally Slim pilots are not eligible for this program. Internet access and a device capable of playing videos is also required to fully participate in the program.

Enrollment & Start Dates:
 Eligible policyholders can enroll and start the program between January 6 and January 31, 2020.

Program Limit: Policyholders can choose only one online program for 2020.

Questions? View the Naturally Slim FAQ
Call 855-999-7549 or email   

Click the images below or use the links to view the videos. - Naturally Slim Intro for Participants - Are you skeptical that Naturally Slim will work for you?
Please note, you will need access to your member ID card information to complete registration. We recommend that you have this information readily available prior to starting the enrollment process for the program.


Cappa 360

Cappa 360 is an online health program to support individuals in their journey to improve their health and feel better. Users are assigned a Registered Dietitian and will be guided through interactive and engaging online video lessons through their smart phone or computer. Users will be able to easily journal their food and activity through the app or website.
Requirements: Must be enrolled in a PEIA PPB Plan and must have a BMI of 25 or higher. This program is available to policyholders only. Internet access and a device capable of playing videos is also required to fully participate in the program. 
Enrollment Dates & Start Date: Eligible policyholders can enroll between January 6 and January 31, 2020. All participants, regardless of when they enrolled, will begin the program February 3, 2020.
Program Limit: Policyholders can choose only one online program for 2020.
Questions? Call 866-439-7747 or email
Click the image below or use the link to view the video.

 - Cappa 360 Introduction Video



Members will be able to sign up for Weight Management and Diabetes Management as always during 2020. Please click on the links to review the program details and eligibility for each program. You can apply for these programs throughout the year.  

PEIA Face-to-Face Weight Management Program 

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to a long and productive life. PEIA offers PEIA PPB members a weight management program which uses the services of registered dietitians and exercise professionals.
Requirements: Must be enrolled in one of the PEIA PPB Plans, be 18 years of age or older, and have a body mass index of 30 or greater or a waist circumference of 35 inches or more for a woman or 40 inches or more for a man. Participants must also be ready to make permanent lifestyle changes. Members are not eligible if they have undergone any bariatric surgery within the last 10 years, have exhausted the lifetime benefit, are under the age of 18, or if there is not yet a participating facility in the area or no facility is accepting new clients. Members will pay a $20 per month copayment, which covers facility membership.
Start Date: Ongoing

Program Limit: Up to 24 months (lifetime)
Additional Information: PEIA's Weight Management Program Page


PEIA Face-to-Face Diabetes Management Program

This program offers health education through regular visits with a provider certified in diabetes self-management and waived co-pays on some generic and preferred brand diabetes related drugs and supplies.

Requirements: Must be enrolled in one of the PEIA PPB Plans. PEIA’s Face 2 Face Diabetes Care Management is available to Preferred Provider Benefit plan members who have been diagnosed with diabetes including gestational diabetes. In order to participate, members must have a primary care physician, must be a non-tobacco user, and must attend regular scheduled appointments with a participating Face-to-Face provider for counseling and other health education services.
Start Date: Ongoing
Program Limit: 24 months (lifetime)