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Online Wellness Program FAQ


Online Wellness Programs 2020:  Frequently Asked Questions


What information do I need to enroll?

You will need access to your member ID card information to enroll in Naturally Slim or Cappa 360. Please have this information readily available prior   to beginning the enrollment process.  

Can I be in the Weight Management Program and/or Face To Face Diabetes Management Program and still participate in one of the online wellness programs?

Yes! If you are a participant in the Weight Management Program and/or Face-To-Face Diabetes Management Program you can still be eligible to participate in one of the online wellness programs for 2020. Remember, only policyholders who meet the program criteria are eligible to enroll in an online wellness program at this time.  

What if I am a member of the Health Plan? Can I still participate? 

No. Only policyholders who are in a PEIA PPB Plan are eligible to participate.

Can my spouse or dependent participate in one of the online wellness programs? 

Unfortunately, no. Only policyholders are eligible to participate at this time.


Can I switch programs once I am enrolled?

No. Once you enroll in either the Naturally Slim program or the Cappa 360 program you cannot switch programs. Please read the information provided for each program carefully before making your decision.


What is the start date for the online programs? 

Naturally Slim participants will be able to choose their start date once they enroll and begin in January.
CAPPA participants will all begin in February 2020.

Is one program longer than the other? 

No, both programs last one year.

Who do I contact if I have specific technical questions about the program before signing up?

Naturally Slim 855-995-7549 or
CAPPA 1-866-439-7747 or