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Comprehensive Care Partnership (CCP) Program

PEIA offers a healthcare program that allows you to receive primary care services while paying less. This program, called the Comprehensive Care Partnership (CCP) program, is designed to promote quality of care, preventive services and appropriate use of health services to identify health problems early and maintain control of chronic conditions. This benefit option is available to PEIA PPB Plan A, B and D insureds.

Members who enroll in the CCP Program will have reduced or no copayments, deductibles or coinsurance for specified services at their CCP provider. CCP providers are expected to provide primary care services, coordination of care, and with some CCP locations also provide specialty care services, pharmacy benefits and/or laboratory services.

The purpose of the CCP and the “Patient-Centered Medical Home” is to promote the use of health services to keep the patient well, identify health problems early, maintain control of chronic conditions and to promote efficient utilization of healthcare resources. As such, the following is required of the CCP health center:
  • Remind you when services are due
  • Perform an initial evaluation to include an assessment of your preventive health care services and overall health status
  • Provide the information you need to care for yourself
  • Maintain an electronic medical record, which includes a summary of key health and preventive care history, medicines, and a provision for delivering such information to you as needed
  • Provide 24-hour telephone access to a medical provider
  • Coordinate with specialists to ensure that all information and treatment plans are consistent
  • Notify you of any changes to covered services
  • Notify PEIA of non-compliant members who should be removed from the program
Members who enroll in the CCP do so by choice. The member agrees to receive all of his/her primary healthcare from the CCP provider. Enrolled members have reduced or no copayments, coinsurance or deductibles to meet for specified services provided at their CCP location. The success of the program requires a working partnership between the CCP provider and the patient/member. Participating members agree to:
  • Use their chosen CCP provider for all health care available at their designated CCP. Contact their CCP provider before receiving medical care from providers with the exception of emergency cases
  • Participate in initial and regular health assessments at least every two years. The purpose of the assessment is to collect the health history and clinical data needed to identify the preventive services needed, plan the patient’s care, and address all healthcare questions.
  • Members who do not comply with the requirements of the program may be dis-enrolled.
NOTE: If you want to continue using other primary care providers and/or specialists for much of your health care, the CCP may not be for you.

To enroll online, go to and click on the green “Manage My Benefits” button in the upper right corner, register on the site or use your existing credentials to log-in and choose your CCP provider. If you do not have online access, you may complete the form below.

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Comprehensive Care Program Enrollment Form (for members)

For more information, call Customer Service at 1-304-558-7850, 1-888-680-7342.