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Frequently Asked Questions

​PEIA Weight Management Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  After my application is approved, what do I do next?
A.  Fill out all enrollment forms you receive in an email from PEIA and email back to, or mail to PEIA Weight Management Program, 601 57th St. S.E. Suite 2, Charleston, WV, 25304-2345, or you may also fax the forms to 1 (877) 233-4295.
Q.  What happens after I submit my enrollment forms?
A.  Someone from the weight management team will send an email asking you to make your facility choice. View the list of available facilities here to make your choice:  Once the facility has been chosen, staff from Weight Management Program will get you started in the program at your chosen facility. You will receive a Welcome email that has important tracking information attached. Be sure to print this information since you will need it as you progress through the program.
Q.  After I am welcomed in the Weight Management Program, what is the next step?
A.  An exercise physiologist from your facility will be in touch with you to schedule your initial appointment. You may also reach out to the facility to schedule the initial appointment. Be sure to get this scheduled as early in the month as possible so that you can meet other program requirements for the month.
Q.  Can I attend a facility that is not listed on our participating facilities list?
A.  No, you can only join the program at a facility that is listed on our participating facilities list. These facilities have been thoroughly reviewed with an onsite visit and staff training to ensure they understand and are able to meet program guidelines.
Q.  What if I need to withdraw from the program on the recommendation of my physician?
A.  Contact Weight Management Program staff at or  1-866-688-7493 and you will be sent a Medical Drop form. The form is to be filled out by your physician. You may take a medical drop from the program for up to 90 days. It is your responsibility to let the facility know what is happening. If you need to be out of the program for longer than 90 days, then you will need to withdraw from the program.
Q.  How do I re-join the program after a medical drop?
A.  Contact Weight Management and you will be sent a medical release form. The form is to be completed by your physician. Return the form to Weight Management and we will be in contact with you.
Q. How do I determine if I am eligible to join the program?
A.  The best way to determine if you are eligible for the program is by applying online. You may apply at the following web address:
You may also go online to program requirements for more information.
Q. How do I drop from the program?
A.  Contact Weight Management Program staff and you will be removed from the program at the end of the month when removal was requested. All drops occur on the last day of the month. Be sure you consider all factors before dropping. The program has a LIFETIME limit of 2 attempts/24 months maximum. Once you drop the program the first time, you also must wait at least 1 year before you are eligible to apply for the second attempt.
Q.  Can I stay in the program for more than 24 months?
A.  No, the program is a 24-month program. The program is a once in a lifetime benefit and may not exceed the 24-month period. The purpose of the program is to teach you the skills to continue the learned lifestyle habits throughout a lifetime. If you lapse back into poor habits, please refer to the skills learned in the program to get yourself back on track to a healthy lifestyle.
Q.  Can I switch facilities if I want to attend a different facility throughout the program?
A.  No, you may only change facilities while in the program if you have physically moved your home. You must change your address with PEIA for all plan-related information to make this change.  You may complete a Change of Address form or log into the Manage My Benefits system (click on Manage My Benefits at to make the change.
Q.  When can I apply for the Weight Management program after being removed?
A.  The waiting period to re-apply for the program is 12 months from the effective date of your drop.
Q.  Can I join an online fitness program and that count as my fitness center?
A.  No, you can only join the Weight Management program if you choose a facility that is listed on our participating facilities list. These facilities have agreed to our program standards.  This program requires that you meet your professionals in person one on one.
Q.  Are children eligible to join the Weight Management Program?
A.  You must be 18 years or older to be eligible for the Weight Management program. The program is not evidence-based programming for a younger population.
Q. What is the cost of the Weight Management program?
A.  There is a $20 monthly co-pay that is paid to your facility. You will make payment arrangements with your chosen facility. PEIA reimburses the facilities directly for the professional provider’s charges.
Q.  What if I take an extended vacation and not able to meet the 10-visit requirement for that month? Can I place my program on “hold”?
A.  Each member is expected to complete the 10-visits a month requirement. It requires careful planning by the member to plan extra visits during the same month prior to or after the vacation to fulfill the monthly obligations.  Not meeting this requirement may result in removal from the program or being marked non-compliant. There is no way to put the program on “hold.”
Q.  What if there is not a participating facility in my area?
A.  Despite our best efforts to recruit qualified facilities, the program is not available in all areas of the state.  New facilities are added to the program as they are approved, so we ask that you check back for updates. If you know of a facility in your area that is interested in participating in the program, please have them contact us via email at and we will work with them to determine if they are able to meet all program requirements.
Q.  What if I have had bariatric surgery? Am I eligible for the program?
A.  You may be eligible for the Weight Management program if 10 years or more has passed from surgery date. You need to apply online to determine eligibility.
Q.  Does the PEIA Weight Management Program cover expenses for other weight loss programs (i.e. Weight Watchers)?
A.  No, the Weight Management program will not cover any costs for other weight loss programs. This is a self-contained program that partners with local West Virginia facilities to provide a set program of services with exercise physiologists, registered dieticians, and personal trainers
Q. What should I do if my chosen facility does not contact me to schedule appointments or I am having difficulty with my providers?
A. It is the member’s responsibility to contact PEIA Weight Management Program staff and let us know that there is an issue in your program delivery as soon as it occurs. Please do not wait until the situation gets worse or you have missed multiple services. Members can reach us at or  1-866-688-7493​​​.