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Face-to-Face Diabetes Management Program

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and PEIA Face-to-Face Programs
Face-To-Face Diabetes Program
Members who wish to continue in the Face to Face Diabetes Program may continue with program services as usual. 

​PEIA currently allows in person visits for Face to Face Diabetes Program participants, to be performed directly between the providers and patients via video conference or telephonically.  The member is responsible to fax, email, mail or drop off their A1C results prior to appointments as requir​ed by program policy. The provider should ensure they have the readings to review for the telemedicine visit.
This real time interaction must be between the licensed provider and the patient.  Communication with office staff cannot be billed.


Did you know PEIA offers a Face-to-Face Diabetes Program for PEIA PPB Plan members who have diabetes? Under the program, eligible members and their dependents sign an agreement stating they will make regular visits to a participating provider of their choosing for counseling services regarding diabetes. These counseling sessions help participants get the best diabetes care available as the provider works with them to ensure they:

  • are current on all recommended testing and treatment
  • know how to properly take prescribed medicines
  • have a physical activity and nutrition plan that will assist in achieving optimal health

Members benefit through improved health and quality of life. PEIA benefits by paying fewer costs related to diabetes by assisting members in better managing the disease. Members enrolled in the program also benefit from waived co-payments for some diabetes-related prescription drugs and supplies. Participants are responsible for their deductibles and 75% co-insurance of any non-preferred medications.

Members who have been dis-enrolled are eligible for a second attempt. There is a 12-month waiting period from the date of dis-enrollment. Members can apply online by going to

Face-to-Face List of Waived Copayments​​​
One Touch Blood Glucose Meter

PLEASE NOTE: Effective July 1, 2022, PEIA's pharmacy benefit manag​er will be changing to Express Scripts. With this change, FreeStyle and OneTouch brand meters and test strips will be the preferred blood glucose products. Please see the flyers below for more information.
Effective 7/1/22:​Free OneTouch Verio Reflect/Verio Flex Meter
Effective 7/1/22:Free OneTouch Verio Reflect/Verio Flex Meter
Effective 7/1/22: Free FreeStyle Lite/Freedom Lite Meter

For other information, including an up-to-date list of participating providers, go to the Face-to-Face Care Management Web site.