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Updates to Weight Management Program


PEIA Weight Management Program
PEIA will be re-opening the Weight Management Program for members who want to get back to their journey and whose gym is open starting June 1, 2020.  The program will operate in a friendly, soft re-acquainting manner through August 31, 2020, and all current members in the program will have 6 months added to their program to account for this pause we’ve taken for COVID-19. Members can begin where they left off in the service schedule. If a member does not feel comfortable starting back into the program right away due to COVID-19 concerns, that is acceptable. Members have until August 31 to determine if they want to remain in the program. If  a member wants to drop the program due to COVID-19, please notify PEIA Weight Management at or 1-866-688-7493; they will be eligible to re-apply for their remaining months in the program at any point using the online application.

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