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Electronic Remittance Advices and 835 files


​UMR, as the TPA for the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) as of July 1, 2019, has received several inquiries regarding Electronic Remittance Advices and 835 files. We wanted to share some valuable information with you to assist you in getting the information you need to accurately reconcile your payments to your patient files. Whether you are enrolled in the VPAY program with the WV State Treasurer’s office, or have chosen to receive EFT payments or a paper check, we wanted to clarify how the remittances are to be received.

1. Checks: Checks are printed for the WVPEIA PPB plans by the WV Treasurer’s office. For checks, a paper remit is produced and mailed with the actual check, unless the provider has signed up for electronic remittances on

2. EFT: The remittance will be issued separately and is available on the Optum Pay portal the day after the ACH payment is made unless the provider has signed up for paper remittances on

3. VPAY: The remittance will be issued separately and sent via US mail. It should be mailed approximately a week after the VPAY payment is received.
Please note the information HEREfor the necessary steps to receive remittance files (835), ERAs, or the VPAY remittances.

As a reminder, if not submitting your claims electronically, the mailing address for UMR can be found on the back of the PEIA member’s ID card. Details for submitting claims for services on or after July 1, 2019:

Issuer ID: 911-39026-02
EDI# 39026
PO Box 30541
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0541

Please note it is important to update your claim filing clearinghouse with the UMR EDI# 39026. We trust this information is helpful to you but if you have any questions, please contact UMR offices at 888-440-7342.

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