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Common Specialty Medications

Common Specialty Medications are self-administered specialty injectable or oral drugs purchased through the Express Scripts Accredo Specialty Pharmacy. Through the Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, you will be assigned a dedicated Care Team with specialists in your condition. These specialists will check in to see what you need and how they can help moving forward. They’ll also make arrangements for injection training, as needed. If your physician prescribes a common specialty drug, they can call 1-800-803-2523, fax 1-888-302-1028, or e-prescribe the specialty drug to the Accredo Specialty Pharmacy. The Accredo Specialty Pharmacy will then work with your doctor to obtain prior authorization for the specialty medication. Once approved, you can have your specialty medications delivered directly to you. Many specialty medications have manufacturer programs which will financially assist patients in the purchase of the medication. PEIA requires that if a financial assistance program is available, you must participate in the program. Only your actual out-of-pocket payments will count toward your drug deductible and annual out-of-pocket maximum; not amounts discounted off the price by the manufacturer or seller of the specialty medication. ​