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Premium Discount Programs

PEIA offers discounts for being tobacco free.

Tobacco-Free Discount

If you've been tobacco-free for six months, report your status on Manage My Benefits and have your premium reduced $25 a month for single coverage and $50 a month for family coverage under PEIA PPB Plans A, B and C, Humana the Special Medicare Plan. If you have family coverage, all members of your family must be tobacco-free for six months to be eligible for the discount. If you quit now, six months from now your premiums can be reduced. Optional life insurance premiums also are discounted for tobacco-free members.

If you want to quit using tobacco, simply visit your medical home/primary care provider. PEIA will cover an initial and follow-up visit to your physician or nurse practitioner. PEIA covers both prescription and non-prescription tobacco cessation medications if they are dispensed with a prescription. PEIA will cover two 12-week cycles of drug therapy, even if more than one type of therapy is used. If extended therapy is required, the provider must submit a written appeal to the Director of PEIA with proof of medical necessity.

You can use the benefit (office visits and prescriptions) twice per year (rolling 12 month period). For pregnant participants, PEIA will provide 100% coverage for the tobacco cessation benefit during any pregnancy.

Payment Level
PEIA will cover an initial and follow-up visit to your physician or nurse practitioner at no cost to the member. Tobacco-cessation products are available at no cost to the member; both the deductible and the copayment are waived when prescribed by a physician and purchased at a network pharmacy. Only members paying the "tobacco-user" premium have access to these benefits.

To check your status, click on the green Manage My Benefits button above, log in (or register, if you haven't used the site before), and choose the "Premium Discounts" button at the top of the list. From here you can view and manage all of your premium discounts.