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PEIA terminating contract with Humana Go365 effective April 30, 2018

PEIA has terminated its contract with Humana Go365 effective April 30, 2018.  While we are fully supportive of the program, and of the Go365 staff, a couple of issues have made this decision the only sensible choice.
1.     The IRS has issued guidance that makes the incentives offered under the Go365 program (gift cards, fitness equipment, etc.) taxable income.  This creates a whole host of reporting issues for the plan that we have not been able to overcome.
2.     We contemplated removing the financial incentives from the program and letting it continue, but we reached the conclusion that the program would not be worth the investment as a voluntary benefit with no incentives for participation.
For these reasons, PEIA has chosen to cancel its contract with Go365.  PEIA still has a legal requirement to provide a wellness program, so we will be pursuing other options, and anticipate guidance from the PEIA Task Force, as well, as we move forward. 
For policyholders who have earned bucks on the Go365 platform during our “soft launch” period, you may redeem your bucks in the Go365 Mall between now and 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 30, 2018.  Please be aware that any bucks you redeem are considered taxable income.  We thank you for your participation in the Go365 program, and regret that we have had to end it. 
In the meantime, the Healthy Tomorrows program continues.  For Plan Year 2020, to avoid the additional $500 deductible, policyholders must have bloodwork completed between April 2, 2018, and May 15, 2019, report those numbers to PEIA on the form in the Shopper’s Guide or on the personalized form we’ll mail you later in the plan year, and have their biometric numbers within the ranges specified on the form or a physician’s certification that those numbers cannot be met for a clinical reason.
PEIA still believes that it’s important for our members to continue to strive for better health, and we’ve identified a number of websites and apps that can be useful in that regard.  Find links to them on our website at – see Wellness Tools.
We will keep you posted as we continue to change and improve the Healthy Tomorrows program.
NOTE: This change does not affect our Humana Medicare Retirees who have Go365 through the PEIA/Humana Plans.