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Weight Management Program

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to a long and productive life. PEIA offers PEIA PPB members a weight management program which uses the services of dietitians and exercise professionals. To qualify you must have either a body mass index of 25 or greater, or a waist circumference of 35 inches or more for a woman or 40 inches or more for a man.

Additionally, while there is still no deductible or coinsurance, the member copayment is a flat $20 monthly throughout the length of the program, making it more affordable for couples and/or families who want to attend together.

The PEIA Weight Management Program uses the services of exercise and nutrition professionals in conjunction with professional phone counselors to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes so that you may lose weight and improve your health.

You will receive:
  • Individualized services, including a baseline assessment and periodic follow ups
  • Personal training
  • Phone coaching
  • Access to a participating fitness facility meeting PEIA’s health and safety standards
  • Two years of services so long as you demonstrate progress
As a participant, you will be obligated to do the following:
  • Keep all scheduled appointments
  • Provide at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations or you may be charged for a missed appointment
  • Pick one facility (you may not switch)
  • Exercise at the facility at least twice weekly
  • Cooperate with the monthly measurements
  • Pay your facility copayment when due
  • Notify your phone coach if you are experiencing problems interfering with your participation
  • Keep a food journal to be reviewed by staff

For more information, call 1-866-688-7493.

To enroll in the program on-line, go to Weight Management Enrollment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an analysis of PEIA’s Weight Management Program in its publication Preventing Chronic Disease.

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