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Let's Get Checked

​Let's Get Checked Hba1c Testing

​​PEIA has partnered with “Let’s Get Checked” (LGC) , a provider who will be performing HbA1c lab tests for our Face-to-Face Diabetes Management participants as well as participants in the Cecelia Pilot Program. Members not enrolled in either of these programs are not eligible for this service at this time.

These kits give participants the opportunity to get their HbA1c tested and the lab results delivered to them from the comfort of their own home.  The kits will be automatically mailed to Face-to-Face Diabetes Management participants quarterly and will be mailed to Cecelia enrollees once after their initial registration (if needed) as well as at the end of the program, at no cost. Participants will simply activate, perform, and return the kits in the enclosed envelope. Here are the links to the Let’s Get Checked Website for tips and pointers on how to activate and take your test.​

It is VERY IMPORTANT that members in these programs pay attention to their emails and complete and return these tests kits within 14 days of when they are mailed.  Members who do not complete and return kits in a timely manner may be dropped from their respective programs and lose the benefit of waived copays.

Test kit activation - You must activate your test kit either on​ or on the LGC app. The test kit activation process includes creating an account and registering your test kit with the unique Alpha & Numeric codes in your test kit.

Sample collection - Please follow the instructions in the test kit exactly to ensure LGC can accurately process your test kit sample.

Fill out the bio bag - Please ensure you follow all instructions inside your test kit, and that when you packaging your collected sample for return that you accurately fill out the biohazard bag. Not doing so could result in a delayed or cancelled test kit result.​

Take YOUR test! - If another member of your household also receives an LGC A1C test kit, please be sure to use the test kit addressed to you​.
​For more information on collecting your sample, please view this helpful how-to video at ​​​.​

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