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Prescription Drug Benefits

Maintenance Drug Refills

All maintenance medications must be filled in a 90-day supply at one of our Retail Maintenance Network pharmacies or through the CVS Caremark mail service program. 

Retail Maintenance Network (RMN) of pharmacies that can fill the 90 day mandatory maintenance drugs In West Virginia is listed here in PDF
To view it in excel format, click here.

The list for the Retail Maintenance Network of pharmacies outside of West Virginia cannot be opened on a mobile app.  It is only available in an Excel spreadsheet version.

Active Members and Non-Medicare Retirees
Active Members and Non-Medicare retirees with Preferred Provider (PPB) Plans are covered by the following prescription drug benefits: CVS(Caremark)

Preferred Drug List 
Full Formulary Listing
CVS Caremark Formulary Exclusions
Common Specialty Drug List
Maintenance Drug List
Preventive Drug List
Prescription Drug Claim Form

Medicare Retirees
Medicare retirees receive prescription drug benefits through one of two plans:

Medicare Advantage Plan (Humana)
Special Medicare Plan (PEIA)