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Prescription Drug Benefits

​​​​​​​​​ Maintenance Drug Refills

All maintenance medications must be filled in a 90-day supply at one of our Retail Maintenance Network pharmacies or through the Express Scripts mail service program. 

Visit​ to search for a network pharmacy and view​ current medication costs. 

SaveOnSP Copay Assistance Benefit

West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency has partnered with Express Scripts to offer members access to a copay assistance benefit, administered by SaveOnSP, which helps members save money on certain specialty medications. SaveOn reaches out when it identifies eligible members taking the drugs that are included. ​​

SaveOnSP D​rug List

Active Members and Non-Medicare Retirees

Active Members and Non-Medicare retirees with Preferred Provider (PPB) Plans are covered by the following prescription drug benefits: 

​Preferred Drug List
Full Fo​rmulary List​​​
Maintenance Drug List
Specialty D​rug List
​Diab​etes Wa​ived C​opays
West Virginia S​pecialty Injecta​ble
Preventive Drug List
​National Preferred Formulary Exclu​sions​​


Medicare Retirees

Medicare retirees receive prescription drug benefits through one of two plans:​

Medicare Advantage Plan (Humana​)
Special Medicare Plan (PEIA)