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Open Enrollment Training

Open Enrollment training presented by Jan Powell and Amanda Downs from PEIA,  Emily Hoffman from FBMC, Jennifer Brown from Securian, and Bob Schappat from The Health Plan

  • Changes that start in the new plan year (July 1 to June 30) will be discussed.  Sign up here.

Plan year 2021 PowerPoint presentation is available for review or printing.

Questions and Clarifications from OE Training

Q: Are active employees over age 65 who meet the criteria eligible for the special life insurance offer?
A: Yes. This offer is available to all active employees who meet the offer’s criteria, regardless of age.
Q: How do employees accept the special life insurance offer to move up one plan level?
A: Active employees who meet the offer’s criteria will be sent a letter detailing the offer with an enrollment form. They can either sign and mail or fax the form back to PEIA or they can visit Manage My Benefits to increase their plan level. 
Q: Can employees still request to increase their life insurance beyond one plan level?
A: Yes. However, these requests will be subject to health questions and underwriting.
Q: How can I get more booklets about the special life insurance offer or other publications for active and retiree life insurance?
A: Contact Securian at or call their office at 304-344-1222.
Q: Are life insurance rates increasing?
A: Life insurance rates have remained steady for the last few years. These rates, however, have been subsidized and this subsidy is starting to run out. Therefore, you will see changes in the life insurance premiums for retiree optional life, retiree dependent life and active dependent life/ADD in the coming plan year.
Q: Where is the Decline Health Indicator in MMB?
A: The Decline Health Indicator only shows on the report when you have added basic life for an employee and not health. If an employee is declining both life and health, you will need to send in paper copies of the forms to decline.
Q: If an enrollment change requires documentation from the PH, can we go ahead and approve without the documentation?
A: No.  Deny the change and the member can reapply when they have the documentation neccessary.