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Non-Medicare Retirees

Health Insurance Options

Paying Retiree Premiums
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PEIA accepts online premium payments​ through the State Treasurer's secure payment portal, which you can access by clicking the yellow button above. To pay your Retiree Health premiums online, you will need your PEIA account number and your method of payment.

You can find your PEIA account number in one of three places:

1. At the top of your premium invoice;

2. If you are a PEIA PPB Plan member, your account number is the ID number on your medical ID card, but you MUST replace the initial "77" with two zeros; you should have a ten-digit number that looks like this: 0000nnnnnn, instead of this 7700nnnnnn; OR

3. You can use the unique ID number on the top right of the retirement confirmation letter you recently received from PEIA; that number is in the correct format.  

By clicking the yellow button above, you will leave the PEIA website and will be sent to the State Treasurer's website to enter your account number and pay your premium.

PEIA is not responsible for crediting payments made through third party bill-payment websites.  Receipts for payment from third party websites are not considered proof of payment to PEIA.  These third-party sites are not affiliated with PEIA in any way.​

​Summary of Benefits and Coverage
A tool for evaluating and comparing PEIA Preferred Provider Benefit Plans and plans offered by The Health Plan:

Find a Doctor

Find a health care provider covered by Preferred Provider (PPB) Plans in West Virginia or outside the state ... Learn more.

Comprehensive Care Partnership (CCP) Program

The CCP program provides members with routine sick care, preventive services, maintenance of chronic conditions and coordination of care with specialists. And there are no copayments or coinsurance for services directly provided by your CCP provider ... Learn more.


Information about eligibility for non-Medicare retirees ... Learn more.

Get an ID Card

To request an ID Card for the Preferred Provider (PPB) Plan, contact UMR at 1-888-440-7342 (toll-free) or log on to your account at

How to Report Insurance Fraud

If you suspect a doctor, insurance company or individual is committing insurance fraud, call PEIA at 304-558-7850 or 877-233-4295. You also may e-mail the Suspected Insurance Fraud Citizen Reporting Form to

Mountaineer Flexible Benefits

Find out about optional insurance available through Mountaineer Flexible Benefits ... Learn more.

Life Insurance and Legal Services

PEIA offers basic and optional life insurance coverage and legal services to non-Medicare retirees through MetLife​ ... Learn more.

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